Dave against the evil forces

a platform side scrolling jumping game.

Dave against the evil forces of hell is a platform side scrolling jumping game.

You have to defeat enemies and the 3 big bosses.

Game features:

  • 2 chooseable Player
  • 25 Level
  • 9 Types of Enemies
  • 3 Bosses
  • 16 Items
  • 3 Weapons

How to play the Game:

The goal of each level is to rescue Mel or Dave.

In addition, also collect the green potions to get the maximum 3-stars rating at the end of each level.

You get points for every item you find and for every enemy you kill.
If you press the jump button again while your character is already jumping, you perform a double jump to jump even higher!

Available on Android

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The Items:

Item Description Effect
Ammobox +10 Ammo
Apple +20 Health, +20 Score
Beer + 50 Score
Burger +30 Health
Potion + 10 Score
Diamond + 500 Score
Healthbag + 50 Health
Pizza + 10 Health
Double Shoutgun faster shooting
Rifle Fastest shooting
Power Up Higher jumping
PowerUp Ultra shooting speed
Power Up Immortality
Speed PowerUp Faster Running