Prevent Windows 10 to force updates

After the update of my asus ux301l laptop to windows 10, windows 10 decided to update unasked my elantech touchdriver and software.
My old driver (TouchPad Elantech was perfect for me, because i always use the two finger click as middle mouse button and the two finger scroll. I can configure all i want, one, two , three finger actions.

The new driver and software (ASUS Smart Gesture), which windows decided to install unasked, is totally worthless. I cant configure nothing i want. The two finger click as middle mouse button is not possible and the feeling of the mouse movement was also crap.

So i decided to uninstall the new driver and install the old driver. So far so good. After a restart, Windows 10 forced his update and installed the new ASUS Smart Gesture Software again.

What to do now ? I cant live without the two finger click.
The solution is to prevent windows 10 to auto update the software and driver. The new gui dont realise a way to configure unwanted updates, so you have to use a powershell script to do that.

To prevent single windows 10 updates:

Step 1:
Get the “Windows Update PowerShell Module” and extract the Module to

Step 2:
Start a Powershell as Administrator and set your Executopn Policy to Unrestriced
Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Force

and Import the downloaded module with this command

Import-Module PSWindowsUpdate
After that, you better, restore your old Policy like RemoteSigned.

Step 3:

Uninstall the Driver and Software or the unwanted Update.
To see which updates are available for your pc, type in follwing:
PS> Get-WUList | select title

Hewlett-Packard - Printers - HP LaserJet Professional CP1020 Series
Alcor Micro, Corp. - Other hardware, Removable Storage - Alcor Micro USB 2.0 Card Reader
ASUS - Other hardware - Asus Support Device
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. - Audio Device, Other hardware - Realtek High Definition Audio
Update für Windows 10 für x64-Systeme (KB3081704)

Maybe you have to and restart windows to see the update in the list.

The Output shows you the updates. For me the unwanted driver and software hides behind “ASUS – Other hardware – Asus Support Device”
To prevent windows update to this fire this command.
Hide-WUUpdate -Title "ASUS - Other hardware - Asus Support Device"

ComputerName Status KB Size Title
----------- ------ -- ---- -----
WIN-7 D--H-- 51 MB ASUS - Other hardware - Asus Support Device 

The ‘H’ Status shows you that this update is now hidden and would be not be installed automaticly again.

If you want to reanable the update you could type :
Hide-WUUpdate -Title "ASUS - Other hardware - Asus Support Device" -HideStatus:$false